Sprint Canberra - Race 1 (23/01/2014)
Category: Competition
Map/area: Australian Institute of Sport
Organiser: Lazy Torso Industries
Country: Australia
Discipline: Sprint
Distance: 4.55 km
Time: 18:57
Average HR: 191
Maximum HR: 196
Some good, some bad. Struggled to get going, physically and mentally, rushing the first two controls but then things picking up for the long leg which I got nicely, though should have spent longer planning for rest of the course.

Slight hesitation to 6 when I couldn't see gap in fence, and I banana'd big time to 8 heading across the open with poor direction. With a few people though the short sharp section to 14 which generally kept me right but could have been sharper on direction, lost concentration on way to 19 leaving 18 in south rather than west. Fine from there to finish.
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Sprint Canberra - Race 1 (23/01/2014) Sprint Canberra - Race 1 (23/01/2014)