Sydney Sprint Series: Race 3 (20/01/2014)
Category: Competition
Map/area: Carss Park
Organiser: Uringa Orienteers
Country: Australia
Discipline: Sprint
Distance: 3.27 km
Time: 15:34
Average HR: 185
Maximum HR: 193
Good course which made the best of the area, routechoice not particularly prevalent but a good test of map reading at speed (which I mainly failed at) and good direction in the open. Shame it was drizzly as it meant pushing on the bush trails along the slope at the end a bit sketchy - glad I took the bet on the weather and brought shoes with a bit of grip 'just in case'.

Slightly dodgy start to #1, running down steps and trying to read map not a great combo so a little slow, #2 fine then struggled to pick out the details & descriptions for for #3 & #4, probably dropped 5s on each.

Fine through the easy park section to #16 (should have planned ahead during easy runs to #12 & #14) but it all went amiss from #18 onwards.

Stupidly saw someone coming back out towards #17 from #18 and didn't look properly for the track to #19 on the map so did similar and then had a big climb through crap undergrowth onto the path and into the control, dropping a minute in the process. Kinda expected this to be an up vs round route choice leg, but it really wasn't!

Was hesitant to #20 but ok, then hesitant again before running past the end of the crags and having to drop back down into #21 (25s). For #21 I knew I had to go back out towards #20 then up steps but went too far and missed the steps entirely, then a bit hesitant in the circle (20s). Fine for the last control, but not pushing down the steps.

Frustrating, was actually ok running this week but mind wasn't quite up there when it was tricky - wasn't interpreting the descriptions well or reading the detail around the circle, and #19 was pure stupidity.
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Sydney Sprint Series: Race 3 (20/01/2014) Sydney Sprint Series: Race 3 (20/01/2014)