Abriachan CC (08/09/2013)
Category: Competition
Map/area: Abriachan
Organiser: INVOC
Country: Scotland
Distance: 10.66 km
Time: 90:36
Average HR: 167
Maximum HR: 188
Bit slow to #1, forest tough then struggling to work out what was happening around the circle.
#2 fine but slow in places, #3 fine, #4 good, #5 Hesitant in the circle - control was wrong side of a bush.
#6-8 fine, #9-#12 fine but a bit of extra climb in places.
#13 huge mistake, got distracted by extra rock and started looking, but hadn't gone far enough along. Lost 5+ minutes and legs starting to tire.
#14 & #15 fine but tiring.
#16 another big mistake, came in from east, ticked off crag/hill in open then hit others along the route but they weren't mapped and got drawn off line. Relocated off #18, lost 4 minutes.
#17 & #18 Fine but slow, then #19 was a real struggle through the heather and the boulder was tiny so I wasn't very good in the circle.
#20 Legs dead and kept getting caught in bracken & brashings.
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Abriachan CC (08/09/2013) Abriachan CC (08/09/2013)