Queensland Long Distance Championships (11/08/2013)
Category: Competition
Map/area: Paperback Flats
Organiser: Queensland Orienteering
Country: Australia
Discipline: Classic
Distance: 10.95 km
Time: 85:09
Average HR: 173
Maximum HR: 190
#1 - No plan, threw myself down towards the gully without looking at the whole leg, it was slow going and I didn't really track where I was, saw Mat come past me towards the end of the leg and he punched 40s ahead. Should have stayed high and come in from termite mound above.
#2 - Decent, hesitant towards the end but forced myself on and down the hill into the control.
#3 - Up the hill and managed to find decent lines, caught sight of Mat heading down into the valley and had almost caught him by the control.
#4 - Stayed high while Mat went straighter, seemed to be a bit more rock around than mapped but nipped into the control ahead of Mat - fastest split.
#5 - Ran into fence and ripped leg apart, and was slow up the hill but fine into the control.
#6 - Slow going and pretty poor line, visible control made it easier at the end.
#7 & #8 - Straightforward, good flow, fastest splits.
#9 - Long leg, decided straight to power lines was going to be best, in hindsight think eastern path option might have been better though longer, good line along the top of the hillside and in with a slight wobble from the termite mound. 2 mins down on Mark going path route, similarly to James going my route. Passed Mat somewhere along the way and spotted Peter heading to #10.
#10 - Strayed a bit too high on this one and slightly hesitant into control, felt like more going on than mapped.
#11 & #12 - straightforward, but I dropped time on #12 for no obvious reason, slow up to path perhaps.
#13 - started getting sloppy with direction and being pushed around with veg, dropped almost 2 minutes.
#14 - Bit slow.
#15 - poor direction again, was getting drawn down valley and pushed around by veg again, saw Mat heading opposite way then tweaked ankle slightly en-route. Slow in from attack point.
#16 - Easy, tank along path, up and over hill then be careful to drop down in right direction, caught Peter here. Fastest split.
#17 - Up too high, and as with yesterday poor picture of the ground, but could follow Peter into it.
#18/#19/#20 - Straightforward but starting to cramp on the track.
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Queensland Long Distance Championships (11/08/2013) Queensland Long Distance Championships (11/08/2013)