Easter D1: Sprint (29/03/2013)
Category: Competition
Map/area: La Trobe University Bendigo
Organiser: Orienteering Victoria
Country: Australia
Discipline: Sprint
Distance: 4.36 km
Time: 21:54
Hesitant to #1, bouncing in off the control in the depression even though I knew it was too early, and turned left ankle slightly. Slow through the bush but got lucky being right on #4, really sloppy compass on #8 then left control in wrong direction and went high.

Huge mess of #12, still not sure what I was thinking, complete brainfreeze losing a minute. Got it together with a string of good legs up to #22 which I faffed around with, and with that my motivation was gone and I didn't pick a great route to #23 (although split was ok).

Disappointing all round, physically wasn't feeling great and navigationally was really poor particularly in the bush (again). Had a few decent legs when I was planning ahead, but they were a bit rare within 27 controls.
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Easter D1: Sprint (29/03/2013) Easter D1: Sprint (29/03/2013)