NOL 2 - Long (pt3) (11/03/2013)
Category: Competition
Map/area: Belair National Park
Organiser: South Australia
Country: Australia
Discipline: Classic (Mass Start)
Distance: 10.43 km
Time: 80:18
Once I'd battled through the rocky rough cruddy slope again, with some hesitancy in most of the circles, was moving quite well through the open forest on the whole with a few folk around.

Spent most of the route to 10 plotting the long leg and given my ankle was reasonably sold on the road route by the time I reached 12, just behind Lachlan Hallett who went off along the road which sold me on it. I gave chase and was just behind through the tunnel but opted for going around the green on the track then heading up into the control, while he went through the green, which saw me beat him into it. Pretty happy with this leg, only 2.5 mins down on leaders over a 4.1km straight running leg towards the end of the course.

I was pulling away on the track to 14 before blowing it big time by just missing it and then struggling through thick crap back into it. Knowing that I'd just thrown away a few minutes and a place, my motivation for the final few controls was gone, and then things got worse when I went over my right ankle again just before 16 but this time quite badly, reducing me to a hobble to 17 and into the finish.

Map Part 1
Map Part 2
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NOL 2 - Long (pt3) (11/03/2013) NOL 2 - Long (pt3) (11/03/2013)