NOL 2 - Long (pt2) (11/03/2013)
Category: Competition
Map/area: Belair National Park
Organiser: South Australia
Country: Australia
Discipline: Classic (Mass Start)
Distance: 4.67 km
Time: 39:17
Bit scrappier, lost a bit of concentration because of ankle and struggled to read detail around 3. Took unmarked path on way to 8 then poor direction leaving control, focussing on end of leg ahead.

Should have stayed on path to 10 and come in from proper attack point rather than charging in. Struggled with ankle and running through the rock and tough stuff on slope around 10-13.

Map Part 2
Map Part 3
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NOL 2 - Long (pt2) (11/03/2013) NOL 2 - Long (pt2) (11/03/2013)