Oceania Middle Distance Championships (06/01/2013)
Category: Competition
Map/area: Manga Pirau, Waikawa
Country: NZ
Discipline: Middle
Distance: 7.31 km
Time: 55:39
Cautious to 1 & 2 and then thought #3 was going to be easy and ran right past it, not knowing fully where I had come out of the dunes - 3 minutes binned. #5 was annoying, as I must have been right on top of it having come in from a reasonably safe attack point, losing another few minutes. Fine from here up to and through the forest but on the return legs my heels started killing me with blisters on both heels due to the sand. #14 another annoying one as I was almost on it, but lost 4 minutes or so. Really struggled from there to the finish, both physically and mentally.
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Oceania Middle Distance Championships (06/01/2013) Oceania Middle Distance Championships (06/01/2013)