Oceania Sprint Championships pt1 (09/01/2013)
Category: Competition
Map/area: Mt Victoria & Government House
Country: NZ
Discipline: Sprint (long)
Distance: 2.37 km
Time: 13:42
Average HR: 186
Maximum HR: 205
Like many I never got my head into this, no real opportunity to, every decision felt rushed. Was going ok up until the long leg where I just rushed and carried on through the control leading to the long slog up the hill (where the blisters started killing) rather than assessing the options. Was really tough having to look so far out of the way for routes (see also #3). Brain melt on way to 8 where I totally misread map and was looking for a gap by the stairs/garden.
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Oceania Sprint Championships pt1 (09/01/2013) Oceania Sprint Championships pt1 (09/01/2013)