SSSS #3 (29/10/2012)
Category: Training
Map/area: The Warren
Organiser: Uringa Orienteers
Country: Australia
Discipline: Score
Distance: 10.27 km
Time: 44:37
Average HR: 183
Maximum HR: 199
Think I nailed the route for this, my main issue was going to be with 19 and whether it was worth the out and back, and whether a bash through the bush would be worth the risk (yes/no). Didn't initially think I could clear it and was expecting to skip some towards the end, but after first 10 minutes thought it possible with a bit of lateness. If 12 had been in the right place (further uphill) I'm not sure I would have made it!

From the start went west through through the middle controls near the river first, then back along the other side of the river to 28, before slogging up the hill via 18 to 9 & 20, out to 19 and back to 8, then through to 20 and the eastern park ones before clearing the northern urban half.

Only a few wee time losses, ran 20m past 20 & 3, and was slow through the trails in the south. Smashed my shoulder off a pole in my haste towards the end, which is now agony.
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SSSS #3 (29/10/2012)