Jukola 2010: Leg 3 (20/06/2010)
Category: Competition
Map/area: Kilpailukielto
Country: Finland
Discipline: XC
Leg: 3
Distance: 14.58 km
Time: 151:02
Average HR: 176
Maximum HR: 190
Some good, some bad, often going well until near the control then losing focus/confidence/conviction and failing to attack the circle properly. Was often losing contact and looking for things far too early.

Easy to be critical looking back at it, half of the race was in darkness and having gone over on my ankle in training and having a massive boo technically I was glad not to make any major booms this time.

#1 Didn't go far enough on bearing from top of re-entrant to the east.
#3 Sloppy execution from the track, didn't attack from #2 to the track very well either.
#7 Had no idea where I was going when following the train and lost track of the ridges, meant I was looking for things way too early and struggled to relocate. Should have learnt this lesson from Jukola 08, but managed to recover without a massive time loss.
#10 lost concentration midway through leg when overtaken by a train and got ahead of myself on the leg with some poor execution and micro route-choices mid-leg.
NB: #10 onwards - daylight by now, and noticed bubble in my compass, it was taking ages to settle and I wasn't really too trusting of it after this.
#12-14 happy with these, quite straightforward but was reading the map well and flowing
#15 track options could have been better used here, originally planned to head for the track to the north of the control and attack from the east but mid-leg decided against it. Started to cramp and was struggling in places through the terrain. Got distracted when attacking the control by others to the south.
#17 frustrating, compass let me down when attacking from the top of the hill, then having hit the control to the north was cramping up so lost concentration and ran past the control before getting it on next attempt.
#18 onwards battling cramp and making it to the finish was main concern, was glad to reach the line.
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Jukola 2010: Leg 3 (20/06/2010)